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The Different Types Of Marriage Proposals

Written by on February 15, 2022

Now everyone knows here in Fiji for the marriage proposal we have a Duguci.

Where the Grooms family present a Kamunaga to the Brides family and the bride is asked by her uncles 3 times if she will accept.

Have you ever wondered what they do around the world in terms of proposals and engagements?

So i did a bit of research today and boy did i find a lot.

So in Thailand, they have the Thong Mun which when translated means Gold Engagement. The groom has to present his bride with various gifts but not just any gift. All gifts have to be made of gold.

In Scottish men looking to marry they are traditionally put through their paces during a “Speerin” or “Beukin,” which requires them to accomplish a series of tasks or hurdles set by the father of the bride.

For our friends in Ghana, Traditionally a groom and his family members would knock on the brides family door and announce his intentions for marriage. Now, this knocking ceremony happens only a week before the actual marriage.

For the Japanese, a couple isn’t really engaged until there’s a yunio (Japanese for “engagement ceremony”), which involves a meeting between the families of the bride and groom and the exchange of nine symbolic gifts wrapped in rice paper. Each gift is meant to symbolise particular sentiments and well wishes for the couple, such as longevity, wealth and healthy children.

It’s really interesting to see how various cultures go about engagements and marriage proposals.


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