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Written by on January 16, 2024

Mar Galceran has carved her name in Spain’s political history as the first parliamentarian with Down Syndrome.

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The 45-year old was elected to Valencia’s regional assembly and is determined to be recognized for her capabilities and not defined by her capabilities.

Galceran’s journey towards this massive achievement spans decades, marked by advocacy for the inclusion of individuals with intellectual disabilities in public discourse.

According to the Guradian, the turning point in her political career traces back to her decision at 18 to join the conservative People’s Party(PP)\, attracted by its commitment to tradition. Over the years, she slowly climbed the party ranks, culminating in her inclusion as the 20th candidate in the PP’s list for Valencia’s regional elections last May.

This achievement places her among a select few individuals with Down Syndrome to enter the fortress of politics.

In 2020, Eleonore Laloux became the first person with the genetic disorder in France to be elected as a city council member, while Fintan Bray made history in Ireland in the same year.

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Fintan Bray from Delvin.







In Spain, Galceran follows the footsteps of Angela Bachiller, who, in 2013 became the country’s first city councilor with Down Syndrome in Valladolid.

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Galceran envisions her presence in the regional parliament as a catalyst for breaking down prevailing prejudices in society, particularly those surrounding individuals with Down Syndrome.


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