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Keanu Reeves ‘made more from The Matrix than other actors’ franchises’..

Written by on March 11, 2023

Keanu Reeves has reportedly earned more money from The Matrix films than any other actor in a single movie franchise.
And according to reports, following the success of the movies, Keanu has beat the likes of Mission Impossible’s Tom Cruise and The Avengers’ Robert Downey Jr. to be crowned the biggest earner among the movie franchise greats.
And according to a ‘non-definitive list of actors who have received $30 million or more as compensation for their services in a single production’ as reported by LadBible, Keanu has bagged a whopping $156,000,000 from the franchise.
That figure is just a few million more than the $10 million base salary Reeves earned for movie that started the franchise, 1999’s The Matrix.
The report added that Reeves would receive, ‘back-end payment’ on top of his base salary after The Matrix Resurrections finished its theatrical run.
While it was unclear at the time how much the actor stood to make, a 2006 ABC story revealed that Reeves earned an additional $25 million from back-end deals from the first movie. The film bagged a whopping $467.2 million at the box office, cementing it as one of the most successful sci-fi films ever.

Keanu Reeves ‘made more from The Matrix than other actors’ franchises’ (

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