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Extreme Wedding Venues

Written by on August 10, 2022

Now its one thing to have a destination wedding and its an entirely different thing altogether to have your wedding at an extreme venue.

This is something that is becoming a common practice right now globally.

To name a few of these extreme venues we have the

1)Space Weddings- where you can exchange your vows in space on a space flight.

2) Underwater Weddings- In Trang Thailand More than 30 couples are set to take part in the annual ceremony which is now in its 17th year and will see the betrothed divers enjoying a parade through the streets of Trang and engaging in traditional Thai celebrations on the beach before literally taking the plunge to complete the wedding formalities.

3)Mount Everest- yes a couple has actually exchanged vows on top of this peak crazy right?

4)Shark Tank- this is in NYC where you can exchange your vows in a glass tank with real sharks circling the cage you’re getting married in.

Below is the Ice Hotel in Lapland Sweden this venue will melt come spring time.

These venues sound crazy huh? But yes people have actually exchanged their I do’s at these venues,

Lets just say you can bet your bottom dollar on it that I will stick with a chapel wedding.


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