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Written by on September 26, 2023

How far would you go to see y our grandparents?

A 10-year-old strapped his 18- month- old sister in to the passengers seat of h is parents car and drove off in to the snowy night to visit his grandparents who live 60km away from him.

While his parents were fast asleep, he decides “this would be a great time to see my grandparents”.

Good excuse: A boy drove off a snowy road in Norway, after he stole his parents car. When police found him he told them he was a dwarf who forgot his driver’s licence









He drove more than 10 kilometres before veering off the road, where he was found by a snowplow driver who alerted police.

The 10-year-old told the snow plow driver that he was a dwarf and he forgot his license at home.

Returned safely: The town of Dokka, north of Oslo, where the 10-year-old boy is from








Police said the children were not injured and the car was not damaged, and that no charges would be filed.



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