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Tina Turner fans base is huge and there are many Tina look-alikes that do shows around the world. One particular one in Germany is called “Simply the best” a tribute show that features Dorothea ‘Coco’ Fletcher as Tina Turner is being sued for looking too much like Tina Turner. According to reports, Tina’s people think […]

67-year-old Kelston Chorley was left in a bit of a pickle after his Insurance company, as well as Police, didn’t do anything regarding his stolen bike. Leaning on the biking community he finally found out that his bike had been shipped to Romania. Knowing time was running out Chorley booked the first available flight to […]

  Ahead of their final preparations ahead of their game against Wales, former Fiji 7s coach Ben Ryan tweeted a good luck message to the Vodafone Flying Fijians. He also included a video in his tweet which highlights how crazy we can get over our team. Check it out below.  All the best to the […]

Typos can either be good or bad. It’s bad when you’re the one making the mistake and being misled. However, typos can have a positive effect on us, like this video. This is one of the reasons why we don’t correct typos. From the moment I pressed play, I had no idea what I was […]

A journalist for the ABC in Australia who had gone to get some lunch for herself found herself being confronted by a very, very strange person.

We aren’t going to lie. This had us bawling like babies this morning. You can feel the love Kolinisau has for his parents so strongly in this.    

Get enough Fijians together to do a project of some sort and there will be music! It’s just who we are. Fortunately, the music makes it feel less like work and more like having fun. Next thing you know, you’re done. These guys are working hard but having lots of fun.  

Steve Harvey is all about the “Funny” business and I mean in a good way. You can bet your bottom dollar that when you searching for Steve Harvey videos you’re guaranteed to have a laugh. He has this new segment called Game or Lame on the Steve Harvey Show, which is basically a battle of […]

Barack Obama while speaking at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow has called on young people to “stay angry” in the fight against climate change. “Time is running out… We are nowhere near where we need to be”, he said. The former US president is not happy with China and Russia for failing to show […]

If you need a cuteness overload this morning, we reckon this could just be what you’re looking for. Therapy dogs waiting to be let into hospital rooms to comfort sick children.