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If you were ever wondering about all the songs that were in the Cold Heart – Elton John, Dua Lipa PNAU Remix, then this video is for you. In this video, he breaks down all the Elton John songs used, the key changes, tempo and other technicalities: Like that Where’s The Shoorah song, this is […]

In a video now gone viral, Adele was asked by actress Emma Thompson if she had any role models growing up, someone who influenced her as a child. Adele names her Year 8 teacher.  Then, her teacher shows up!

Adele cares about her art and she wants fans to have the full experience. Hence, she wants fans to listen to the songs in her album 30 in the order it is in the album. Spotify agrees with her and since the launch of her album, they have removed the shuffle option. Though some fans […]

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has got to be the coolest and most giving person in the world. He shows us all why we just love him by surprising a bus of tourists. He walks up to the bus and says “Hey, you guys know where I can find The Rock” With it being the festive […]

FJFW Virtual is HERE! For six nights, watch 15 designers for free and get all the latest resort wear collections in the comfort of your home. From tropical forests to pristine beaches, Our runways are in iconic and beautiful locations around Fiji. Tune in on the Fiji Fashion Week Facebook page from Monday 22 to […]

An armoured truck in the US dumped a load of money and the road was shut down as people stopped to gather $100 bills on the highway.

Adele‘s ex husband Simon Konecki has resigned himself to the singer talking about their divorce in her new album 30 according to new reports. He knew the risks going into his relationship Adele. ‘He has had to resign himself to the fact that she would talk. He knew the risks going in. This is the […]

If like me, your knowledge of US college basketball is a bit limited you may not know who Dexter Dennis is yet but judging by his actions this is a young man who has a long way to go.  A few nights ago his team won a game in which he was instrumental in their […]

Remember back in 2018 when rumours were flying around about Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper dating? The pair starred as lovers in the hit film ‘A Star Is Born’ and many of us thought that the same was happening in real life. In a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Cooper has finally addressed some […]

Just when you think that the internet has shown you every possible way to twerk they drop this TikTok video. Never have I been so fascinated and confused about everything. Check it out: