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I thoroughly enjoy peeling potatoes, something about going through the motions of it all makes it so therapeutic. But of course this is only true when I’m not rushing through my meal prep. However, for anyone who spends a bit of time in the kitchen during functions, will understand when I say that peeling potatoes […]

I’m not crying, someone is just cutting onions in here! Check out this video of the very special wedding from a bride to her new husband on their wedding day.

Watch till the end and you’ll see why her saying “If it hits 50 I’m literally blowing up this car” is pretty ironic!

We have all at one time received an invitation to an event or party which has said to RSVP. Now the question is do we all know the meaning of the term RSVP.  In honest truth I didn’t really know the meaning till I googled it today. Well if you’re like me and you didn’t […]

There seems to a buzz on this new employment concept of working only 4 days in a week. The reason being to boost productivity and happiness and a few countries have taken this on board such as Iceland and The United Kingdom and it looks like Australia is heading that way. But for Sri Lanka, […]

If it totally slipped your mind, Kim Kardashian had worn a dress that was made 60yrs ago! Now the dress was already worn by the bombshell herself, Marilyn Munroe when she serenaded the late John. F Kennedy. Now, allegedly the same dress is damaged after the reality star had worn it to this years annual […]

Now when you have parents like Beyonce and Jay Z, there is no place you can go for the paparazzi not to capture pictures of you at a public event! So weird to see Blue Ivy all grown up and doesn’t that just makes you feel OLD! Check out the cute pictures below of Jay […]

I love Lady Gaga but I don’t how she’s gonna take on this new role as Harley Quinn. Now that’s not what is not sitting well with me, it’s the fact that they want to turn Joker 2 into a musical?! It sounds a bit weird if you ask me but I’ll let you be […]

It truly sounds like something out of a fairytale for 11 year old Maddie. I guess it’s true what they say “America is the place where dreams come true.” This was the narrative for this 11 year old girl who had no idea that being part of a crowd interaction activity would get the attention […]

Makeup is used by all but mostly women . In the market today there is a wide range of makeup brands and lines to pick from. Now this here is a new one that’s being introduced by Korean skincare experts. Korean skincare has come to the forefront of skincare for its clever and innovative products. […]