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With negative comments starting to flood social media platforms following the shock loss of our Fiji Mens 7s team to Spain and them not even reaching the quarter-finals at the Dubai 7s perhaps it’s worth reminding ourselves that we have been here before. What we need to remember is that we always bounce back. Remember […]

Adele’s Easy On Me continues to be a worldwide phenomenen, various covers, remixes and samples have sprung up. From one of our very own, Teri Fiji comes this amazing cover of the song.      

Argentine designers are turning shale sand bags into handbags — Reuters (@Reuters) December 1, 2021   I think this is pretty cool and the fact that they’re doing their bit to save the environment is just incredible. An Argentine fashion firm has found a new source of inspiration – and materials – in […]

As parents, we’re cringing at the mess this little girl is making. As we won’t be the ones to clean up after here, we think she’s just the cutest!  

Getting the right Christmas present for family and friends is always a hard task. Lots of things to consider like ones budget and obviously would they like the present or have you just wasted time and money on a gift. While usually, people say it’s the thought that counts and not the gift, the perfect […]

We really don’t know what to say about this  

Today my friends and I after training decided to get our lunch and find a place along the seawall near Laucala Bay and enjoy our lunch as it was a beautiful day today. Few minutes later a young girl about 10years old came along the footpath with a container that had something she was selling. […]

    YouTuber MrBeast has passed Netflix Squid Game’s record of 111 million views. MrBeast’s recreation of the show has so far gotten 118 million views in only 5 days since its launch on November 25th. .@MrBeast Squid Games video: 103M views in 4 days. It took 7 weeks to make.@netflix’s Squid Games series: 111M […]

According to reports that on midnight on Nov. 29, as soon as tickets for the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe film “Spider-Man: No Way Home” went on sale it crashed movie ticket sites within minutes as people tried to get their hand on early bird tickets. Since the pandemic, the box office has not seen anything […]

The internet can be such a magical place. Check out this video: