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A mum from the United States has shared a way to keep the avocados fresh longer than we ever imagined – an entire month! Amy Lynn Cross, 45 eats at least two avocados a week. She got tired of buying avocados that were still pale green and rock hard and tried to find a way […]

France based Jiuta Wainiqolo seems to be enjoying his rugby and everything else and we just love how his Fijian sense of humour is still a part of him.  

At first glance, it doesn’t seem like it could be much. A young woman is asked by her friend to take care of her child during the day for a few months. The young woman videos her time with the child and it is just the sweetest thing!

So you know how you get those pop-up ads when you’re watching Youtube videos or playing games. Some of them are pretty tempting, especially the shopping ones. And if you’re an impulse buyer like me you could get into a whole heap of trouble. Like this woman right here. Her choice of social media app […]

This is so cool. And heartwarming.    

It’s always a proud moment for parents when you start to see positive results from the life lessons you taught your kids. Things like being independent, having discipline, being polite, being respectful even how to fight. OK, I’m not too sure about that last one but this parent in our video this morning was teaching […]

Produced by our very own Magic Factory the highly anticipated Yalayala music video was released yesterday and boy it has certainly passed and surpassed all expectations. Check it out here:  

How do you even defend against such a large human being!

Just Imagine having Aircrafts all over the world using 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel. That would be such an amazing thing for our environment in regards to reducing the Aviation Industry’s carbon footprints.   In December, 100 passengers flying from Chicago to Washington, DC, were the first in the world to do so with one engine […]

Let’s just take a minute to process this…ok imagine that $2000 shopping done by your 22month old child. Ouch, that’s got to hurt. A toddler somehow managed to purchase $2000 worth of furniture on his mum’s phone. 22-month-old Ayaansh from New Jersey may not be able to read or write, but he sure knows how […]