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Author: Pate Narawa

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Every year they put out a Christmas Advert that’s talked about for all the right reasons. This year is no different from John Lewis, a high-end department store in the UK that has just offered us their E.T themed Christmas offering featuring an alien named Skye.

Digital Content Producer by day and DJ at night is how one would describe Canaan Ene. He has also amassed a massive following on TikTok where he has over 104.9K followers, you can find him here: canaanene He also had this series on TikTok ‘Every Song Is A Reggae Song‘ and this is him breaking […]

  Last night Pixar surprised us by dropping the trailer for Lightyear.   Lightyear is a spinoff from the Toy Story franchise which started in the ’90s and will focus on Buzz Lightyear.  It has Chris Evans voicing Buzz and not Tim Allen, as has been the norm in the series till now. This has […]

Spanx founder Sara Blakely is making the rest of our employers look bad, why? Check out this video: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Sara Blakely (@sarablakely) Blakely sold a majority stake to Blackstone in a deal valued at US$1.2 Billion. To celebrate this moment, I have bought each one of you […]

A really great concept that these groups of Dads have come up with. They are optimistic about opening up other chapters of Dads On Duty, around Louisiana and I mean if it could work there it could work anywhere in the world. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Will Smith (@willsmith)  

Has there ever been a time that you’ve thought about something so much that you need to get an answer or it will keep bothering you? You might have wanted to google it but then you weren’t being entirely specific so even that didn’t help. Well T-Pain had the same problem, he had a question […]

It seems that Margot Robbie’s Barbie Film has finally found its Ken in Ryan Gosling. Gosling initially passed on the project due to being busy with other projects but it seems that his schedule has opened up. It’s also a good thing that he is free because the producers had set their sights on him […]

It seems that Gordon Ramsay is not made of stone after cameras caught him showing a bit of emotion. Ramsay is caught wiping away a tear after 19-year-old daughter Tilly’s performance on Strictly Come Dancing. You can check out the performance below:

Get ready because John Krasinski is returning as Jack Ryan for another season. While Jack Ryan season 1 dropped back in 2018 and season 2 in 2019, it was only natural for people to have expected season 3 in 2020. Well, COVID-19 happened and pretty much threw that out of the window. Jack Ryan Season […]

After posting hints up on social media for the last couple of weeks regarding her album 30, she has finally confirmed that it will be dropping on November 19th. To keep you sated till then, here is the first single from that album: