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Author: Iman Khan

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Now can you imagine sitting at home waiting for your new car to come in, only to find out that it’s now sitting at the bottom of the ocean? Such is the case for this ship that was transporting 4,000 cars but caught fire nearly 2 weeks ago! Check out the link below for the […]

Tell me how this man won the lottery twice in the span of just 3 years??! Like some people are lucky but I’m sure someone is still practising witchcraft! The odds that it happened to the same man is absolutely CRAZY! Follow the post below for the full story.       View this post […]

Now as if heights aren’t scary for most people, here we have Mount Everest growing about half an each taller every year! So does this mean we always have to set a new record every year when climbing this mountain?     View this post on Instagram A post shared by UberFacts (@uberfacts)

The Eurovision Song Contest, sometimes abbreviated to ESC and often known simply as Eurovision, is an international songwriting competition organised annually by the European Broadcasting Union, featuring participants representing primarily European countries. This year is a bit different as they have banned a particular country from taking part, and that’s none other than Russia, due […]

If you’ve never heard the term “jobfished” then this is it right here! Imagine working for a company that doesn’t exist and not getting paid for the full 6months while you were working your tail off! Very sad situation but we do have people that have fallen for this, check out the full story below. […]

“Fear is very common, and anyone who says they aren’t afraid of anything are probably lying to you or to themselves. I’m afraid of frogs. Seeing pictures of them make me shudder and seeing one near me can make me panic. I’m also afraid of failing. I’ve built a reputation for being successful in school […]

Well, this seems to be a very far fetched theory but it makes total sense! Now scientists have realized a big pull in gravity on the outer edges of our solar system and are starting to believe that planet 9 exists. Personally, I think that these new discoveries are good for us as a human […]

Now if there is anything more genius then this is it right here! Birds can be a pest at times, especially where food is located. Meet Ziggy a guard dog who has been assigned to a local restaurant in Sydney to keep the birds at bay when customers are enjoying their meals. Pretty cool stuff […]