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Author: Iman Khan

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Imagine getting the wrong text from none other than the hit-making, chart-topping, songbird supreme Mariah Carey! Apparently, she was trying to prank her nephew who has the same name as the famous Shawn Mendes, only to realize it was to the wrong Shawn! Hilarious reaction on both sides, check out the full story below-   […]

Just when I thought nothing could surprise me anymore then we have this right here! So apparently there are materials in your phone that can be used to turn into solid GOLD, check out the article below to see how the UK is planning on doing this!   View this post on Instagram A post […]

Finally, there is research done for those of us who only function properly at night! All this time I just assumed it was insomnia, check out this interesting fact!   View this post on Instagram A post shared by UberFacts (@uberfacts)

Given the current devastating situation happening in Ukraine right now, these seamstresses have found a way to help out their county in this time of peril. Check out the video below to see some of the amazing outfits they’ve created to help camouflage those fighting in the war!     View this post on Instagram […]

Came across this Uberfact and let me tell you when I say that I felt THIS! So the moon landing was done July 20th 1969 and the Lion King film was released June 24th 1994, I know right MIND BLOWN!!! Check out this interesting fact below –     View this post on Instagram A […]

There is nothing wrong with standing for what is right and this woman is the testimony of that! This protestor held up a plaque card with a message protesting against the war happening in Ukraine, check out the article below for the full story!     View this post on Instagram A post shared by […]

If you find it hard to fall asleep after 15mins in bed here are some tips I usually follow- 1. Avoid looking at your clock. … 2. Avoid naps during the day. … 3. Watch what and when you eat.  

Since the war Russia started by invading Ukraine, people are wondering whether we would be able to survive without Russian oil or gas? Especially now that a lot of countries have put sanctions on anything that has to do with Russia! Check out the link below to get a fair idea of what would happen […]

Did you know this? Pretty broad topic when it comes to other planets and their inhabitants, although there are a lot of conspiracies out there whether aliens are real or not!? I think having these robots on Mars is a good thing for statistics and all that but can also be a downside in case […]

One TikTok star has been arrested due to a string of armed robberies and was caught uploading videos of him wearing shoes that he stole! Now, this user was already famous so I’m just tryna figure out what was the need for him to steal these shoes in the first place? Some people’s heads are […]