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Author: Iman Khan

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If you are up for some nature documentary this weekend then I have what you need right here! The one and only Sir David Attenborough has come out with another video to soothe you into the secret lives of charismatic and captivating animals. Check out the link below for the full video!    

Well let me tell you, I wish they had this as a form of punishment at school cause that is awesome! Just say you’re in trouble and all you have to do is run on a treadmill and your friend is running on one right next to you! I would die laughing, check out this […]

You know I’ve seen a lot of celebrity houses on Architectural Digest but let me say that Naomi Campbell’s house in Kenya is next level! I love that she kept it very open and true to the country of Kenya, also most of the furniture are local pieces which I think is fantastic! Take a […]

So if you have an obsession with horror films then you have to check out this trailer! It’s already taken the title of MOST ANTICIPATED HORROR FILM OF 2022! Personally this trailer freaked me out a little bit, but really!? CHECK IT OUT!      

For the life of me I can’t even climb a normal sized tree and here you have this guy climbing Mount Everest 16times! You don’t realize the amount of preparation these climbers do to just climb up for the first time, let alone 16 times. Check out the full story below!   View this post […]

Let me just say, I always find marine simply AMAZING! Now Blue whales living for up to 90yrs old is an incredible feat on it’s own, I mean most of us can only dream to live that long! Check out the post below for more information.     View this post on Instagram A post […]

If you’re into Marvel as much as I am then this is the trailer for you! Check it out and don’t miss out on all the little hints!      

All this time I thought that all Octopus were the same until I found this Blanket Octopus! Not only are they beautiful to watch but can be very deadly to prey, check out the video below-   View this post on Instagram A post shared by BBC Earth (@bbcearth)

Honestly, my whole life has been a lie! This whole time I thought Pirates had worn eye patches cause either they were blind or it was to make their esthetic look even more scarier! Check out the UberFact below-     View this post on Instagram A post shared by UberFacts (@uberfacts)

Check out this species of shark that swims 3 miles an hour to find the different breeding grounds.  Safe to say if I encountered this shark, I wouldn’t be so scared! Check out the video below.   View this post on Instagram A post shared by BBC Earth (@bbcearth)