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Author: Alex Elbourne

With the inclusion of the Fijian Drua in next years Super Rugby Pacific, the excitement among Fijian rugby fans continues to build. This video from them will raise anticipation levels even more!  

From the club he plays for, Moorabbin Rugby Football Club comes this writeup: While most people were in bed early last Saturday morning, Emosi Caniogo (aka Mos) was saving a life. At 6 am Mos was doing his recovery session in the chilly waters at Green Point on Brighton beach when he heard a cry […]

Watch the moment a whole house washes away in to a riverĀ  in Kerala, India. Flooding and landslides in the region have killed dozens of people.

Intense is really a bit of an understatement for this video. Completely bonkers might be more accurate. Check out this exhibition from members of the North Korean armed forces.

Remember those Hot Wheel toy cars? Check out the racetrack this guy built for his Hot Wheel car in his backyard.  

The world really does seem to get stranger and stranger. Check out this video of a grown man assaulting a child.  

A woman on a paddleboard was surprised beyond words when a gigantic whale swam up under her and started to interact with her. She stays very calm throughout the whole thing, we don’t think we would have done the same.  

The much anticipated Adele album which will be titled 30, continuing the trend of the singer naming her albums after her age still has no release date but there is a lot of talk about the album and what it means. The now 33-year-old Adele explains that the album tries and help her 9-year-old son […]